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  • Dogging Rigging Course Perth

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Dogging Courses

Dogging Rigging course Perth aims to give applicants the needed skills and understanding to safely and proficiently embark on dogging work in a series of working environments. On conclusion, participants will be able to knowledgeably take on:

  • A collection of slinging method;
  • Participants choose and examine lifting gear and tools;
  • Straight crane operators in the safest movement and placement of loads as well as out of view of the crane worker.

Our Dogging course also covers:

  • Uses and characteristics
  • Types of crane
  • Relevant legislations and standards
  • Risk management formula linking to lifting operations
  • Crane system and other elements of crane and dogging process

Rigging fundamental Courses

Rigging fundamental Courses is intended to give applicants the required skills and knowledge to carry out Fundamental Rigging work carefully and competently. On completion of these courses, participants will be able to embark on steel erection; hoists erect (this include mast climbing hoists); position pre-cast tangible; move plant and gear using a range of means with tirfors, chain blocks, skates and other ways; install static lines and safety nets; install cantilever crane loading platforms; and, install shutters and perimeter safety screens. At Dogging Rigging Courses Perth, our students also gain a sound knowledge of appropriate risk management with legislations and standards that is related to Fundamental Rigging operations

Rigging Middle Courses

Rigging Middle or intermediate unit detail the results essential to execute rigging work at the middle or intermediate level, which consist of all the results for rigging work at the fundamental level, and as well comprises rigging of dredges, rigging of conveyors, rigging of cranes and excavators, rigging linked with tilt slabs, rigging linked with pulling down work, and for licensing uses.

Rigging Higher Course

Rigging Higher Course detail the results essential to perform rigging work at the higher level and comprises the shear legs, flying fox , rigging of gin poles and guyed derricks , cable ways and structures and fabricated hung scaffolds as well as balanced scaffolds for licensing uses.

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Dogging Rigging Course Perth

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