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About Us

Dogging Rigging Course Perth with over ten years experience and offers students with the needed skills of digging and functioning around hoists and task up to higher rigging work.

We are qualified as a Licensed Settlement Agent and worked and made an effort in that line mentoring and instructing many staff members along the way. In 2010 Dogging Rigging Course Perth became one of the pioneer proprietors of WA Advanced Training Academy. Having to get delighted from the challenges of educating our clients over the years in a casual setting our challenge presently was to become the best as a trainer and assessor to convey formal training.

Dogging Rigging Course Perth operates facilities in Western Australia (Perth). Every of our training amenities can as well make available commercial and corporate customers with flexible and resourceful trainer deployment, indispensable for the release of quality skills training for business.

Dogging Rigging Course Perth facilities supervised by teams with wide-ranging Vocational and Instructive Training experience. At Dogging Rigging Course Perth, our training lessons are intended to support individuals in the progress of their career entry, jobs or employment opportunities. We also present certificate courses in Occupational Health and Safety as well as Certificate IV Training and Evaluation.

All of the courses offered at Dogging Rigging Course Perth are extremely flexible with specific duration and dates. Our courses are appropriate for individuals in quest of training to advance in industry plus managers looking to up-skill employees.

Dogging Rigging Course Perth programs are malleable to meet the desires and requirements of our applicants from every walk of life. We offer a variety of training selections for individuals and corporations aspiring to advance or enhance their skills. All the courses we proffer use the most recent and most up to date information existing as part of our continuous enhancement policy. Investing in this exercise ensures that your workers have the actual skills to do their work and improves the efficiency and competitiveness of your production.

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Greatest appreciation to you and your team for the outstanding job you did for us. The Service is just what we wanted, and we were thrilled with the speed your team exercised. We feel privileged to have Dogging Rigging Course Perth services!!


i had good experience with this dogging rigging course for a single deal


I was searching for a good course to start my career, Dogging Rigging Course Perth helped me to find out my interest and provide me the suitable training to do the job. thank you very much